error_page ([personal profile] asytia) wrote2009-06-07 10:36 pm

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So, testing the crossposty thingy on Dreamwidth. And yes, cross posty thingy is the best phrase I could come up with there.

I would also like to issue a public apology for my drunken posting on LJ last night. The entry I made in my journal wasn't too bad, although I seem to remember saying something about talking about sex with my dad. i haven't had the guts to go and look at what I actually said yet. Unfortunately, this is all I can remember doing, and whilst there is a chance that is all I did, there's also a chance I rambled on people comments. If I did, I'm osrry. So, so sorry. I hate alcohol. i will never drink again. Until next weekend, I swear.

A more personal apology to Aka, since I only just noticed you friended me on dreamwidth, becuase I suck at remembering I have to check two accounts now. Can we all not move to dreamwidth already? (says the girl who only just remembered it existed. yeah, I suck, I get it.)

So, yeah. Bye. And sorry (again) for my drunk commenting. If I did any. If I did, don't tell me. I'd prefer not to know.

EDIT: also, an apology to dodificus, becuase I also failed to notice you friended me. Until after I posted that. Sorry.